Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Second Day

Good morning,
  If you are reading this then you must have done your homework. Good. Did you get it all done? Do you have a G-mail account? Did you complete the Student Data form? Have you read the course syllabus? If you have any of that to still take care of please do that first. (If you don't have a g-mail yet you might not be able to do that from school.)

  Now we have a problem. While some people are busy catching up on what they should have done for homework, you have some extra time with this laptop. (Implicit lesson made explicit: always do your homework. It is often your ticket to your laptop.)

But really, if you have really done EVERYTHING you needed to do then you get to play with some of the fun sites I'm going to show you.
Free Rice is a site where you answer questions and each correct answer earns a rice donation to the world food program. You can answer questions about vocabulary, math, languages etc.
Quizlet is a site where you can make (or find) flashcards for anything you need to learn. I'm sending you to a quizlet about poetry terms, but you can play around on the site for any subject you like.
Shmoop is a site that gives you background information about anything you might be studying. It's like a giant stack of cliff notes. Take a look at what it says about a certain book you read last year. (Notice the tabs for different parts.)
What Should I Read Next is a site that will help you pick your next book. Type in the title of the last book you read that you liked and the site will recommend a bunch of books you might also like.
We are going to the library to checkout textbooks on Thursday. Please make sure you have your ID and your schedule. Having your schedule with you really helps the librarians to make sure you have the correct books.

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