Monday, September 27, 2010

And then came the Europeans

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I'm going to go over this fast because I know you've also seen it in your American History classes, but there are a few points you must know:
  • The Puritans arrived in Massachusetts in the fall of 1620. They meant to arrive in Virgina.
  • They were searching for a place to practice their "pure" form of Christianity.
  • Their leader was William Bradford. The ship, of course, was The Mayflower.

Today you will read about the Puritan's first encounter with the Native Americans already settled in Massachusetts. Your task is to make sense of what happened when these two groups first met.
Excerpt from Of Plymouth Plantation
  1. Read the text with a partner.
  2. Stop and talk after each paragraph.
  3. Agree on what happened and write 1-2 sentences in your English Journal.
  4. Read the next paragraph.
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