Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Week 8 - Happy Halloween

Welcome back,

This is a short week, but we have a lot to accomplish.

On Tuesday we talked about author's tone and read Lecture to a Missionary by chief Red Jacket. We decided that his speech had a very respectful, formal tone despite sending the message that the missionaries should go home because the tribe wasn't converting.
The text from his speech is available at:

Wednesday we read The Devil and Tom Walker by Washington Irving. If you missed it and don't have your text book you can still read the full text on line at:

Thursday we will be working with that story further so catch up on the reading.

Friday we will be working on the drafts of our first news report. Bring articles related to the news topic you chose. I will give you a graphic organizer in class that will help you structure your report and Ms. Caya will show you a resource that will help you with your bibliography.
You may find this link very helpful

Looking Ahead!

Next week you have a draft due of your first news report on Wednesday 11/7. If you have lost the assignment sheet for your news project you can get another one from your weblocker.

Check your news sources. Sites to try are:

CAHSEE NEWS -- Next Wednesday 11/7 and Thursday 11/8 JUNIORS who have not passed the CAHSEE will get to take it again. If you know you have not passed either the English or Math sections please be prepared to take them those days. Also remember that work you miss while taking the CAHSEE should be made up so make arrangements with your teachers for the classes you will miss, probably periods 1-3.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week 7-- Fires

My family and I feel very fortunate that we have not had to evacuate our home. Our thoughts are with those most affected by these terrible fires.
By now you know that school is cancelled for the rest of this week. Please use your time off to do something that will help our community or at least help you as a student.

Some suggestions:
  • This would be a great time to do some community service. Volunteers are needed in many areas.
  • Work on Essay #2. It will be due on Monday.
  • Read a book.
  • Register for the SAT.
  • Watch for stories about your news topic.
  • Clean up your room.
  • Clean out your binder and backpack.
  • Spend time with your family.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Week Six

Alright race fans,
We've made it to week six. This is it. GRADES! Yes, by the end of next week your progress report with all your grades will be in the mail on the way to your very own residence. There is nothing you can do to stop this inevitable mailing, but you may still be able to change what it says inside that envelope.

You can:
  1. Make sure you've turned in all your assignments for all your classes.
  2. Turn in the draft of Essay #2 that is due for our class on Thursday 10/18.
  3. Smile at your teachers. (This actually does help.)

On a more serious note here's an update on our activities this week.

  • Monday we were preparing for The Crucible test.
  • Tuesday periods 3 and 4 attended the assembly about Invisible Children. There is a link to their website on the upper right side of this blog. Period 6 was able to catch up on finishing the rest of The Crucible film and prepare for the test.
  • Wednesday we took our test on The Crucible and also had a short lesson about Essay #2. The assignment sheet for Essay #2 and the power point presentation I showed about organizing your essay last Friday are both on your weblocker.
  • Thursday 10/18 you will turn in your draft of Essay #2 and you also need your textbook because we will be moving on into the literature of the American Revolutionary period.
  • Friday will be writing groups with your drafts!
  • Please remember that the final draft of Essay #2 is due on Tuesday 10/23!
  • Vote in our new poll!

For those of you who are senoirs or for interested juniors there is also a link over there >>>> to the information about the Senior Portfolio! It is very helpful. Down load the PDF and read it!

Have you tried looking for things about the Salem witch trials on the web? I found this picture on the site of The Salem Witch Museum. It is the house that John Proctor lived in at the time of his arrest. It is still standing today and the stream that runs behind it is still known as Proctor Brooke.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 5

Welcome to week five,
Wow, how did we get to the fifth week of school already. The first six week grading period will be over next Friday. Make sure you get in all your work for all of your classes.

I've been enjoying reading your essays (essay #1). I'm sorry that I am reading them so slowly at the moment. I expect to be able to return them to you on Monday or Tuesday next week.
  • This week you should have turned in your draft of your news topic paper. The final draft is due Wednesday 10/10.
  • If you're absent you should finish reading The Crucible. We will have a test on it next week.
  • Very soon I'll be posting the assignment sheet for essay #2 on weblockers. The draft will be due next week and the final draft will be due the week after that.

Someone suggested I add some Halloween decorations to our classroom. I thought perhaps I would decorate the blog instead.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 4

Welcome back to the blog,

Come to Open House Thursday Night from 5:30-8:00!

For those of you who are new to this blog Welcome Aboard! This is the place where I provide weekly updates about our activities, helpful hints and sometimes exclusive, blog-only information that I only share with my favorite people. (Like anyone who reads my blog.)

But as you can see from the poll on the right, it is also a place where I can gather a little information and also provide links to things mentioned in class. At the bottom of each post is the words comments. If you click on the word comments you can write me a note. Please include your name and remember that I can choose to publish your comment or not (insert evil laugh here.)

Many of my students have been out this week. We were missing a whopping 13 people from 6th period on Monday! If you are one of the many absentees checking this blog is highly recommended, so thank you for doing so. Things to catch up on are....
  • The Crucible Act II --Read it
  • Also read act III if you'll be out through Friday
  • Turn in Essay #1 (The assignment sheet and rubric are in your weblocker.) It was due Tuesday 10/2
  • Check your weblocker for the info on our upcoming News Project.
On Tuesday this week we watched the Act I part of the film and compared the way the story is presented there to the way it is presented in the play. (Students from last year said having the visuals from the film helped them to comprehend the rest of the play as we read it.) If you missed the film I recommend renting it and watching it on your own.

See you soon.