Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Week Six

Alright race fans,
We've made it to week six. This is it. GRADES! Yes, by the end of next week your progress report with all your grades will be in the mail on the way to your very own residence. There is nothing you can do to stop this inevitable mailing, but you may still be able to change what it says inside that envelope.

You can:
  1. Make sure you've turned in all your assignments for all your classes.
  2. Turn in the draft of Essay #2 that is due for our class on Thursday 10/18.
  3. Smile at your teachers. (This actually does help.)

On a more serious note here's an update on our activities this week.

  • Monday we were preparing for The Crucible test.
  • Tuesday periods 3 and 4 attended the assembly about Invisible Children. There is a link to their website on the upper right side of this blog. Period 6 was able to catch up on finishing the rest of The Crucible film and prepare for the test.
  • Wednesday we took our test on The Crucible and also had a short lesson about Essay #2. The assignment sheet for Essay #2 and the power point presentation I showed about organizing your essay last Friday are both on your weblocker.
  • Thursday 10/18 you will turn in your draft of Essay #2 and you also need your textbook because we will be moving on into the literature of the American Revolutionary period.
  • Friday will be writing groups with your drafts!
  • Please remember that the final draft of Essay #2 is due on Tuesday 10/23!
  • Vote in our new poll!

For those of you who are senoirs or for interested juniors there is also a link over there >>>> to the information about the Senior Portfolio! It is very helpful. Down load the PDF and read it!

Have you tried looking for things about the Salem witch trials on the web? I found this picture on the site of The Salem Witch Museum. It is the house that John Proctor lived in at the time of his arrest. It is still standing today and the stream that runs behind it is still known as Proctor Brooke.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I had so much fun with your baby today thanks for bringing him. I do hope that all of our students are safe and that there are no sad stories when we all return. It will be great to read all of thier papers when we return. Stay safe and see you soon. Mrs.Smith

Adam said...

Hi did that EC work did it boost up my grade....? im working on essay #3...this is ADAM W. PER.6