Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Update Part II

Well, yeah, I messed with the colors. I thought the blog needed a new look for fall. Most of you have two weeks of summer left. I have only one...sigh. One of my favorite things about September is having my former students stop by and say hi, so please don't be shy. Stick your head in the door or come by at lunch. If you have an extra period and you are interested in being a student assistant I can usually use you. Or if you just need to use a computer I'll try to squeeze you in.

My physical therapist says my shoulder is all better and I can go back to yoga and ride my bike again. My boys and I have enjoyed Balboa park, Legoland and visits to my parents' place up north. Now I need to go write a letter to the rest of the English Department. See y'all on the 8th.