Book Reviews / Independent Reading

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Students are required to read two books per grading period (every six weeks).
One book is free choice, though it should be a quality book appropriate for school reading.
The second book should be chosen from the Recommended Book list of recognized works from American Literature.  Mrs. R. will sometimes approve a book not on the recommended book list at her sole discretion.

When reading a book students should add the book to their "currently reading" shelf on Goodreads and update their page number a few times during their reading.

When a student finishes the book he or she should write a review on Goodreads.  See the chart at right.  This is an example of a pretty good review by one of my former students.

At the end of the grading period students can use THIS FORM (also below) to submit the links to their book reviews. Each review has it's own unique page.  Make sure you are giving me the link to YOUR review and not the link to the book's main page.