Sunday, August 14, 2011

Switching to 9th Grade

At this point it looks like I won't be teaching American Lit next year. I'm switching to 9th grade. I thought about continuing on with this blog as a 9th grade class, but I've decided for now to create a new blog to use with the 9th graders. If you are looking for our latest classroom adventures you can find them here
In the past few years the bulk of American Lit related material here has drawn many visitors besides my own students. I've always felt very strongly that a blog I was using with students should not contain advertising material.  Since I won't be using this blog daily with students I've decided to go ahead and add, well ads, to it. My previous experience with putting advertising on other blogs tells me that this move may someday net me as much as perhaps forty three cents. Like most teachers I already spend a lot of my own funds on books and materials for my classroom. If putting adds here offsets that a bit it would be nice.
If you found something you could use on the blog help me make it forty four cents by clicking on one of the ad links.