Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just for fourth period... aren't you lucky.

Ok, many people are out taking a test which gives you some extra time.

Top Priority: Did you finish creating and sharing your English Journal yesterday?
Did you finish this:
First Questions for your EJ.  Copy and paste (ctrl-c = copy and ctrl-v = paste) these questions into your new EJ and answer them completely. 
  1. Did the characters in the stories turn our to be what you expected based on their archetype? (explain)
  2. How does knowing about archetypes help you as a reader? (explain)
  3. Why do you think authors use archetypes in their writing? (yes, explain)
 If you are up to date on all of that, you have earned some independent reading time. Shut down your computer and get out your book. If you want to borrow a book from our classroom shelves please tell me. I can help you choose and I need to write down what you borrow.

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