Monday, September 24, 2012

Research, Prepare, Present

Good morning,

In preparation for our reading of The Crucible (you have checked that out right?) you will be spending the next two days working on a mini-research project and preparing a presentation about a related topic.
  • I will assign you to a group and I'll assign your group a topic.
  • Share a presentation with each other in Google Docs so that you can all contribute what you find. Work quickly.  You should have 8-10 slides. 
  • Consider history (origins), definitions, examples, important facts, impact on society, future significance, important individuals etc.
  • Incorporate (and cite) images related to your topic to make your presentation interesting to your audience.
  • Create three multiple choice questions that someone would be able to answer after listening to your presentation. Consider “why and how” questions first.  (Your group will turn in these questions tomorrow.)
  • Each person in your group will be presenting this at least once to another group of peers.
1.    Communism in the 1950’s
2.    Cold War Period (focus on 1950’s)
3.    Rise and Effects of McCarthyism
4.    Mass Hysteria
5.    Arthur Miller
6.    Puritan New England
7.    Salem Witch Trials

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