Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Assemblies and catching up...

Good morning,

Today is our day for grade level assemblies. I'll be in the big gym with my period 3 class, so there is separate info below for each period.

Period 3: We are in the gym this period listening to important information. You will find your Article of the Week #2 shared with you in Google Docs. You have until Friday to read and annotate it and then reflect on it in your English Journal. Make sure to see the suggested topics at the end of the article and date your entry.  See also the "to do" list I am sharing with period 4 and make sure you are caught up on all of that.

Period 4:  
Today is our catch up day.  See the list below and do anything you haven't completed. Some of these things are new.
1. Send me a friend request on Goodreads.
2. Review (write paragraphs) about a book you have read in the last year. See an example of a good review.
3. Finish your response to Article of the Week #1 in your English Journal.
4. Read the full description of the expert project that I told you about yesterday.
5. Begin reading Article of the Week #2, now shared with you in your "view only" folder. Make a copy and begin annotating.  Reflection is due in your English Journal by Friday.

Complete Expert Project Exit Slip

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