Thursday, September 6, 2012

Netbooks and Expectations

Good morning, If you are reading this on your screen then you have made it to the blog. Congratulations.

  1. BOOKMARK this page now.
  2. Review the course syllabus. 
  3. Review the student netbook agreement (When you pick up a netbook you are agreeing to these items.) 
  4. Complete the student data form
  5. Join Goodreads  Hint: you can login to Goodreads with your Google account information. This will make your life easier. 
  6. Send me a friend request by searching for my gmail address.
  7. Rate five books in Goodreads by searching for books you have read and giving them a star rating.
  8. Read this review by my former student
  9. Review one of those books that you rated in step 7. 
Homework: Bring your independent reading book. We will be reading a bit in class on Friday. 

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