Friday, September 7, 2012

Getting Started with Google Docs Today

Good morning,

Today we will be using Google Docs together for the first time to read an annotate an article. You will also create your English Journal document and share it with me.  Follow the steps below closely.

1. If you did not complete the student data form, or get a Google account yet. You need to do those two things now.  (See the blog post below from yesterday.)

2. If you did not join Goodreads, or send me a friend request, or review a book yesterday you must do those things by Monday.  (You should NOT be on Goodreads now.)

3. Go to and login.

4. Click the red "create" button and make a new document. Name the document "3 Your Name English Journal"

5. Click the "Share" button on the upper right. Share your English Journal with me by adding my gmail address. Make sure you share it as "can edit".   Put a heading at the top of your English Journal.

6. Return to your Google Docs List.  Click on "Shared With Me" on the left and look for a view-only folder. I will often share documents with you as view-only.  While viewing the document you can go to "File / make a copy" to create your own version of the document. (Note: If you did not give me your gmail address yesterday then you do not have this folder yet.)

7. You are looking for the document that begins with AOW 1. Make your own copy of it using "File / make a copy"  You can now begin to read and annotate this document in Google Docs.

8. When you are done reading, return to your English Journal and write a one page reflection about what you read.  (See the EJ suggestions at the bottom of the article.) This is homework if you do not finish it during class.

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