Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"You never loved him." -Gatsby

Good morning,
   I do hope you read the 8 whole pages you had for homework. Did you notice which car Tom was driving and what happened when he stopped for gas? Did you notice where Myrtle was?
   The showdown is coming. Who are you betting on, Tom or Gatsby? Who will Daisy choose?

Things to notice as we read more of chapter 7:
  1. What does Gatsby believe about Daisy's feelings toward Tom?
  2. Why does Daisy need Gatsby? Why does she need Tom?
  3. What happens on the way home from New York?
**Note: for some inexplicable reason this particular post gets a lot of visitors. I really can't figure out why. If you think you might know please leave me a comment. The curiosity is killing me.


John said...

I found this post by typing 1930 New York City into google images. The link to your skyline image was on the first page. That explains why your class site is getting so many hits. Also, I read Gatsby when I was 16 and its still my favorite book. Great choice for an English class.

PoeticEducator said...

When you google search "1930's New York skyline," this is the best picture to come up.

The funny thing is that I was searching for pictures for teaching Gatsby myself. I teach high school American lit in Georgia. :D