Monday, April 5, 2010

Thinking Deeper

Welcome back. Before break we spent our class period answering some interesting questions. Those questions (and the pages with your answers) are posted in the back of the room. Please follow the directions below.
  1. Choose one question that you have something to say about.
  2. Open your English Journal.
  3. Write a three paragraph answer to the question you chose. (200+ words)
  4. Include examples, elaborate on your thinking.
  5. If the question you are answering has more than one 'side' write about why the other 'side' is wrong.
After you finish the short essay above you need to find some information. I would like to you know more about F. Scott Fitzgerald before we being reading his most famous work. Please check the site below and make sure you can answer questions about him.

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book we are about to read. Who was he? What was his life like? When and where did he writeThe Great Gatsby? take a look at his biography.

For those of you who asked these are the questions you passed around in groups that are now posted on the back wall.

1. Which is more important, love or money? Explain why.
 2. Do you think you would continue to love someone if you found out that person had lied to you about their past?
3. Do rich people have a responsibility to the rest of society?
4. How much money would you need to be rich?
5. If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you is it alright for you to cheat on them?
6. Have you ever wanted something that you could not have?  Explain.
7. How do rich people get rich?


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