Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Narrative Writing

Good morning,

Homework: You have a draft of your narrative due tomorrow (Thursday). It should have your whole story, beginning, middle, and end.

Today we spent a few minutes on dramatic irony.  I asked you to think about which one of your characters (or several) won't know something. What won't they know and why does that matter?  Most of you told me you had that covered. (Because you are awesome like that.)

Then I showed you the video below about Show Not Tell. Watch it again and look for the places where you say what your character is feeling. Try to make it more "showy".

Third, I noticed several of you are having trouble with tense. Most narrative is written in the past tense. Don't jump to the present tense. For example: I woke up and am walking to the bathroom.  This does not make sense. It should say: I woke up and walked to the bathroom.

That was a lot of writing lessons in one day, but you can do it. Work on those drafts!
Oh, also, we are having a dramatic irony workshop. I can't tell you when. I'm pretty sure everyone else already knows.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Mrs.R, been a few years, So I was in need of your Citation Machine link and after so many years it still comes in handy. Your still one of my best techers! Miss the class room.