Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Massive To Do List

Good morning,

The grading period ends this Friday 11/30. Are you ready?  Yes or No?

  1. I have read and reviewed at least two books and I am ready to give you links to my reviews. 
  2. I have created a blog for my expert project and I am ready to share the link with you. (Some of you have already done this.)
  3. I have written my first post on my expert project blog about my project and what I hope to learn.
  4. I have completed color coding my narrative (see Monday 11/26) and I am ready to score my narrative. (Some of you have already done this too.)
  5. I have read and responded to AOW 6-11 in my English Journal. I have also completed all of the other EJ assignments listed on the chart in my classroom.
  6. I read "Lost in the Kitchen" (Tuesday) and wrote my thoughts about it in my English Journal.
  7. Now I get to read, "The Ugly Truth About Beauty" because I am awesome and done with all of my other work for this grading period. Yay me!
  8. Also, I gave my teacher some feedback so we can make our class even better. 

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