Monday, November 26, 2012

Expert Project Blogs

Good morning,

I'm glad to be back with you. Today you get to start a blog to track your work on your expert project.
AFTER you have set up your blog please complete this form.


I'd like you to do a bit of work on your narrative that will make my grading process easier.

  1. Highlight in YELLOW three to four lines of your BEST dialog.
  2. Highlight in GREEN a section that shows your best description. 
  3. Highlight the climax of yur narrative in PINK
  4. Add a COMMENT to a place that shows your best character development and EXPLAIN in the comment what you were showing about the character.
  5. Add a COMMENT to a place in the narrative where you have used dramatic or verbal irony and EXPLAIN how you have used it. 

AFTER you have marked all of those things in your narrative please score your work yourself on this scoring form. NARRATIVE SCORING FORM.

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