Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Narrative Assessments

Good morning,

Please read while your computer is booting up then go to the blog.

Link to narrative assessment. You will be taking a quick test to see how well you can now read a part of a play.  All the work you did reading The Crucible will come in handy here.  You can only take the test if you are in class and I give you an access code. If you are absent you will need to see me to make it up. 
  • Today we will spend the rest of our time together improving your narratives.
  • Wednesday I need to be at an all day meeting. You will have a sub. I will help you out with a list of things you need to be working on. 
  • Thursday your narrative should be finished.
  • Friday I will be gone again, to an English teacher conference this time, and I will again leave you with a lovely list of things you need to to for you and for me.

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