Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Five things to do today.

God morning,

Today will be our flex day.  I have a writing assignment for you to complete in your English Journal and then you can work on some other things from the list below based on your needs.

1. In your English Journal, write a short (3-5 paragraph) essay comparing the way the story of The Crucible is told in the play and in the film. Explain the differences you see and explain why you think the director, Nicholas Hytner, made those choices. How do the differences affect your experience with the story? 

2. Update any other missing assignments in your EJ. This includes AOW reflections 1-7, answering questions you wrote about Act III, fixing formatting and dates etc. 

3. Update your status on Goodreads to reflect the book you are currently reading.  Search for the book and add it to your "currently reading" shelf. Write a review for any book you have recently finished. 

4. Make sure you have a recommended book picked out for this grading period. 

5. Read

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