Friday, October 5, 2012

Finishing Act 1

Good morning,

Today we will finish reading Act 1 of The Crucible.   Make sure you  continue adding notes to your chart about the characters in your English Journal.

At the end of the period we will take a quick quiz on Act 1: Act 1 Quiz

Some of you have still not completed the 21 questions from our Pre-Crucible research presentations.  Scroll down to the post from Friday 9/28 and take the quiz for your period asap. You've had a week. It's about to become a zero for those of you who haven't done it. 

Remember to finish reading (AND REVIEWING on Goodreads) your two books for this grading period by next Friday 10/12. There is no grace period.  On Friday 10/12 you will be giving me the links to your book reviews. You must be done with them by then or it will hurt your grade. 

HOMEWORK: Answer the questions on the sheet I gave you in class about Act I. Make sure your answers are complete sentences. Remember the expectations for short answer questions.

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