Monday, October 22, 2012

Act III: Serious Choices

Good morning,

On Friday you wrote an narrative assessment for me.  If you were absent Friday you will need to come after school to make that up. 

Today we will begin with reading and then a quick write in your English Journal. Read until your computer is ready to go and then answer this question in your EJ.

What did Elizabeth Proctor not know when she was called in to explain why she fired Abigail? Why do you think Arthur Miller "set her up" that way? 

After you have answered that we will watch some of Act III to see how it happened in the film. Keep adding to your notes about how the story is told differently in the film.

Homework (ON PAPER) Explain the choice Elizabeth Proctor has to make in Act III. What are her options and what are the consequences? Due Wednesday 10/24.

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