Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finals are coming

Your final for American Literature is Thursday. The final will be comprehensive and cover the entire second semester of material.

Your job today is to review the material we have covered this semester using the blog archive and your own internet search skills.

  1. Work with your writing group
  2. Create a new document (4 gp# Study Guide)
  3. Share it with me and each other (hint: use group shared folder)
  4. You decide who needs to look at what and how to organize your study guide.
  5. Include example questions for important material.
  6. You get a group grade for this. Make it comprehensive.
  7. If you think there is not enough information about a topic on the blog you should add more from other sources.
  8. The way it looks and reads matters, use headings, links, color even images to enhance your guide.
  9. All study guides will be posted for all of you to review from. (This is public work.)
 And while you are working on your study guide you will probably think of some pretty good exam questions. You can suggest exam questions here. Suggest an Exam Question

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