Monday, March 14, 2011

EAP Preparation

Good morning,

This week you will take the EAP essay portion.  This is an important test for you.  This essay, along with some extra multiple choice questions on the CST, will work like a placement exam for college English if you are attending a CSU or a community college.

Today we will look at some sample questions and example essays. To figure out what an author is arguing it helps to ask the right questions.

Sample #1
What is this woman upset about?
What does she think about the issue?
What does she think other people think about it?
What is her solution?

Sample #2
What is Frank Trippett worried about?
Why is he worried about this?
What does he suggest is going to happen?

Sample #3   What questions would you ask to figure out what this author is concerned about? Submit your questions here.

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