Monday, March 7, 2011


Good morning,

Today I want to make sure you understand what analogies are and how they work. Analogies test your knowledge of words and sometimes your critical thinking skills. You will probably see them on standardized tests like the CAHSEE, the CST and the SAT.

The best way to do well on questions like this is to have a large vocabulary. You can boost your vocabulary by reading more for fun. Reading a book you like means you will spend more time reading and therefore see more new words.

After we practice some together I'll ask you to use the links below to practice on your own or with a partner.

If you are practicing on your own try this one.
If you are practicing with a partner use this one.
If you need something much harder try this one. OR This one.

This is from our standards by the way:
1.1.3 Vocabulary and Concept Development: Discern the meaning of analogies encountered, analyzing specific comparisons as well as relationships and inferences.

The lesson page I showed you in class came from here.

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