Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crowd Accelerated Innovation and The Harlem Renaissance

Good afternoon,

This morning I asked you to write in your English Journal about how you would learn something if you couldn't or didn't learn it in school. For example: How to build a kite, how to change a tire, how to put on makeup, bake and souffle, iron a shirt, re-enact a civil war battle etc.

Your answers generally included the following categories, use the internet, read something, ask another person or watch a video. Video and internet were popular answers.

I also asked you to list three to five things you were interested in, but would not likely learn about in school.

Then we watched a TED talk on Crowd Accelerated Innovation: The big idea being that ideas are spreading and people are innovating faster now in more subject areas because of the wider availability of high speed internet and online video.

I want you to understand that this kind of innovation has happened several times in history, specifically during the Harlem Renaissance (and the Italian Renaissance). The difference being that geography is no longer important to the spread of ideas and innovation the way it used to be. How will you become a part of this new renaissance?

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