Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Update

The vast majority of you did an excellent job getting your "Where I'm From" papers printed today. If you did not print yours today you have a zero holding a place for you in my gradebook. :) Fix that.

Many of you still have not read the article about virtual students in online classes or sent me your response. Please read this article about online classes and then enter your responses on this form.

I will be at a meeting Monday and you will have a sub. With the sub you will read a story by Anne Tyler called Teenage Wasteland. For those of you who won't be in class you lucked out because someone put the story on the web. For those of you in class you get to read it in the textbook.

Tuesday is textbook return day. Bring all of your textbooks to class. Clean them up too. If you forget to bring them you will need to return your books on your own time.

See you Tuesday.

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