Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finishing Where I'm From Papers

Good morning,
A little recap. Monday we read "Where I'm From" by Willie Perdomo and did some initial brainstorming towards our own versions. Tuesday I read you some examples from previous students' answers to that question and you spent most of the period drafting. Wednesday you met with your writing groups.

Today I want to give you a little more time to make final adjustments to your Where I'm From papers. Please remember that these will be printed out so you need to make it look good, heading, title, etc. Take off the chart you used for brainstorming and anything else you don't want to print.

When your paper is done (as I suspect many of you already are) there is something else for you to work on. Please read this article about online classes and then enter your responses on this form.

Also I moved the Blog Archive up so you can find it easier. Use it to study for your final.

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