Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Update

I know most of you are on summer vacation. I've seen your tweets about being bored and so on. (Although I think those "I'm bored" messages seem to be coming mostly from people in summer school.)

My summer has been OK so far. Just OK because a few days after school got out I hurt my right side rotator cuff. (I've learned that's a very important part of my shoulder.) For about two weeks I could not move my right arm and it was very painful. I could not drive or even use a computer for most of that time. (Thats why those of you e-mailing about final grades didn't hear back from me sooner.) Now I am much better, still going to physical therapy, and able to do almost everything again.

I'm enjoying time with my kids and time without them while they are in camp like they are today. I hope you are all making the most of your summer (with or without summer school). Don't forget to turn in your registration packets and take your senior pictures. Anyone started on their senior portfolio yet? I miss you guys and if your reading this then you probably miss me too. Post a comment or send me an e-mail about what you're up to. See you in September.


rle0903 said...

Well at least it sounds like you are having fun. I hope that your shoulder gets better soon and that you have a GREAT summer. See you in September

josedelaluz1991 said...

thats to bad am having a good summer my self to but its bad beging inside my house there is nothing to eat