Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Themes and Features in Poe's Writing

Good Morning,

Today we will look at the themes and features common in the works of Edgar Allen Poe. A theme is a large idea that can appear over and over in many different texts. A feature is a specific literary device, setting, object or character that an author uses. We will discuss this more in class.

You will work with your writing group to find examples of both in Poe's works and submit your findings to me through a form. Please have only one person submit the form, but you should all be actively searching out quotes and writing explanations about your findings. You may wish to use e-mail to send what you wrote or found to the person working on the form for your group.

Link to the form: Themes and Features in Poe's WritingHint: Use links in earlier blog posts to find the on-line versions of what we read.
Yes, this is due today.

Absent students: You may work by yourselves and submit your own form. Please note that in the space for group names.

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