Sunday, September 7, 2008

Week 2

Good Morning!
You have found the blog. Good. Today you will use the blog as your starting place.

1. First you will visit Google Docs. When you get there sign in using your g-mail address and password. You will start a New Document in Google Docs.

2. This will be the first thing you type on your new document: The number of your period, your initials and 'assumptions'. (I know this sounds weird, trust me). For example if your name is John Brown and you are in my 4th period class you would type, 4JBassumptions.
(This will help me a lot when you all start to shre your papers with me. I will easily be able to tell what period and assignment, while the initials will help me to make sure I have the right student. )

3.After you have been to Google Docs come back to the blog on another tab. (Ask for help if you don't know what that means.) Now you should have at least two tabs, one for the blog and one for Google Docs. We are going to add another.

4. Today we begin work around standard 2.5 Analyze an author's implicit and explicit philosophical assumptions and beliefs about a subject.
I will teach you about assumptions and then...

5. You will seek out five quotes from the speech Sarah Palin gave last week and explain the assumption in each quote.

6. You will cut and paste the quotes into your new Google Docs document and then explain the assumption she is making in that statement.
Another source for Sarah Palin's speech in case the first one doesn't work out.

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