Monday, September 15, 2008

Research Update

Here is the link to your assignment sheet for your Historical Investigation project.
Historical Investigation Assignment Sheet
  1. Re-read the assignment sheet above.
  2. Open your English Journal in Google Docs. (If you were absent Friday see the blog post below or ask for help.)
  3. Start a new entry at the top of your English Journal, date it today.
  4. Write me a note there about your research project. This note to me is due today.
    1. Remind me what your topic is.
    2. Tell me what you've learned so far.
    3. Let me know what event related to your topic you want to focus on.
    4. Tell me what your next steps are going to be.
  5. After you update me on your progress you can use your time to research your topic further. After you make great progress on that you can update your note to me at the end of the period.

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