Thursday, May 30, 2013

Your Work is Due When?

Good morning,

A quick recap of things we talked about today and due dates. 

  • 5/31 Friday: Your feature article is due in Google docs. (You do not need to print it.)
  • Revisit THE ASSIGNMENT SHEET if you need to. 
  • We drew numbers for your presentations that begin Wednesday 6/5 next week. If you weren't here be sure to ask Mrs. R what your number is. Students will present in the order of their numbers regardless of the date. Be ready to present when your number is called. (Unexcused absences will lower your grade.) We will finish presentations on 6/11 during our final block.
  • We will return textbooks as a class on Tuesday 6/4.  Bring all of your textbooks to school that day. You may keep any books you need to study for finals. 
  • Book reviews are due on Thursday 6/6. Be sure to submit links to both of your book reviews via the BOOK REVIEW FORM
  • If you have any late work outstanding the very last day I will even think about accepting it is 6/6. 
  • Return any books you have borrowed from Mrs. R. 
Today we also reviewed the presentation criteria that you will use for scoring presentations. 

  1. Presenter clearly and enthusiastically presents about his or her topic for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Presentation includes strong visuals (with minimal text) or a creative representation of the material.
  3. Presenter is a credible expert on the topic speaking knowledgeably, citing references and other experts, including relevant statistics and informative facts. 
  4. Presenter engages the audience with eye contact, questions, and humor, while educating them about the topic of the presentation. 
I also showed you this presentation with tips for presentations. Remember minimal text. 
If you wish to use a slide based presentation strategy please use a Google Presentation (shared with Mrs. R) or a Prezi (set to public and email a link to Mrs. R.). If you wish to make a video or another form of project check with Mrs. R and good luck. 

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