Friday, May 3, 2013

Getting Newsy With It

Good morning,
Palm Beach Post, July 27, 1969

Testing is over and we have reached the final six week grading period of the year.  By now you should have selected your last recommended book for independent reading, returned your Gatsby book to the library, and begun some more serious research into your expert project.

We will read at the bell.

Yesterday (or Wednesday for period 3) I showed you how to use the Google News Archive.
Today I would like you to use it to find a source related to your topic and blog about it. Use the snipping tool to add an excerpt picture from your news article. Include a caption and a link back to the original article.  Or use Google Scholar to find academic research about your topic.

The Palm Beach Post - Jul 27, 1969
Images added from At Last Man Enters The Moon Age, The Palm Beach Post  July 27, 1969

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