Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Period 4 -Demonstration Lesson for i21-

Welcome Visitors.  This is a demonstration lesson of educational technology in our i21 classrooms.

Good morning,

Please begin by pasting the prompt below into your English Journal and writing your answer.
Who do you think is most responsible for Gatsby's death? Explain your answer and use evidence from events in the novel. (Aim for 5-6 sentences.)

Yesterday we read the very end of chapter 8 of The Great Gatsby and for the past week you have been working on asking important questions about the novel. Briefly today I want to ask you some questions again and we are going to try it with the response system built into your netbooks.

Look for the icon on your task bar like the one below and please follow my directions closely.
  1. Open Active Engage (grey circle your task bar like the icon above)
  2. Click "select a hub"
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select Room 864.
  4. Enter the three letter code I will give you.
  5. Click the button that turns green (on the right)
  6. Enter your first name and last initial.
  7. Click the green button.
  8. Wait for my question (Please just wait and be patient if this takes a few minutes.)
When we are done discussing these questions we will read a bit of the beginning of chapter 9 and you will have another chance to ask more important questions in your English Journal.
Link to chapter 9

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