Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Period 3 Wednesday 5/18

Good morning,

Welcome to the back of the library. I'm sorry I can't be with you. You know my expectations.

1. Please copy and paste this prompt into your English Journal and answer it. This is the prompt we were going to work on yesterday before the network went down.   
Who do you think is most responsible for Gatsby's death? Explain your answer and use evidence from events in the novel. (Aim for 8-10 sentences.) 

2. Read this article about the demolition of the house that Fitzgerald used as the inspiration for Daisy and Tom's house.
3. After you read the article respond to it using this Google form.
4. If you have done your best work on both of those tasks you may: update your status on Goodreads, read the bulletin, check your English Journal for other work you need to catch up on, make sure you have completed all the Gatsby quizzes or read your independent reading book.

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