Friday, April 22, 2011

Did you get a phone call?

I used a district voice mail system to send out calls about how students are doing in my class. If you came to the blog because you got one of those calls THANK YOU!

The grading period ends next Friday. Students in my classes need to make sure they have:
  1. Completed all the work in their English Journals. (These are on-line in google-docs. Ask your student to show you theirs.) The scoring guide is permanently linked on the right side of the blog and also here.
  2. Make sure they have taken the quizzes related to The Great Gatsby. Pre-Gatsby Quiz, Chapter 1 Quiz, Chapter 2 Quiz.
  3. Study for the Chapter 3 Quiz. (Hint: The questions are in the post below this one.)
  4. You can check on the specifics of the grade through Parent Connect.

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