Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Google Books

Good morning,
 Yesterday our work was focused on those of you needing to add evidence to your essays. We looked at how quoted evidence makes your argument stronger and also at some of the sentence starters you can use to follow a quote.

Today I want to give a little help to those of you working on project option 1, but the rest of you will also likely find some time soon when this will be helpful to you. We are going to look at Google Books.

With Google Books you can search by title or topic. And then, once you have found the book you can even search INSIDE the book. Try it. Search for "salem witch trials", pick a book and then use the search box on the left that says "search in this book". Try typing in the name of a person you are interested in, Proctor for example.

Why would it be helpful to be able to find a book like this on-line? Why would it be helpful to be able to search inside the book? How would you cite your source? Is this a primary or secondary source? (trick question)

A few of you still need to share your Crucible Project with me in Google Docs. Please make sure you do that today.  Your draft is due tomorrow.

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