Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Continuing Theme

Monday I shared a folder with you and we read The Flowers by Alice Walker. We used that story to practice our knowledge of the plot graph and character motivation. We learned that understanding character motivation is an important step to figuring out the theme.

Tuesday we used our shared folder again and you made your own copy of "The Masque of the Red Death". We are reading it together and you are adding annotations to yours as we go. Links to my version of the document are below. You can look at mine, but you need to do your own notes on your own copy.
3__ __ Masque of the Red Death
4__ __ Masque of the Red Death

We already know that the main character is Prince Prospero and that his motivation is to escape the Red Death while having fun with his friends. Today we will read more.

Thursday and Friday I will be gone to the BIG English teacher convention in Florida. Ms. Creighton will be here with you. You'll have more stories to read and questions to answer about theme. Use the steps on our chart in class to figure out the theme.

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