Friday, March 5, 2010

Nature Writing Drafting

Good morning,
  I'm sorry I can't be with you today, but I know you understand why I need to talk to the sophomores. 
  1. Work on your Nature Assignment draft.
  2. If your draft has a COMMENT on it from me then you know I got it!
  3. If you DO NOT have a comment from me then get your document shared with me.
  4. Draft grade happens Monday! (Your draft will get a grade on Monday. Get it done.)
To: Ms. B and Ms. S. Have every student present show you their Nature Assignment in GD on their computer. If the document does NOT have a comment from me at the top make sure that student shares their doc with me today. One student shared his doc with me as a viewer. He should fix that.

Next week:
Monday = Articulation (visits with counselors for everyone)
Tuesday = EAP test.
Wednesday = Writing Groups
Thursday = Polishing final drafts (probably)
Friday = Nature Papers due (let the grading begin)

Enjoy this lovely picture I took of seals in La Jolla.

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