Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Views of Nature

Good morning,
   We are going to look at the ways people in America have viewed nature over the past 400 years. To start we will review some Native American stories to see how Native Americans viewed nature. We will read one together and then you will get to read more on your own.

Please click HERE to get to the story we will start with. "How the Fly Saved the River"

Remember when I asked you to figure out what a the story says about life? Today's variation is "What does the story say about nature?" Use the link to the form below to add your answer to our spread sheet.

Quotes from Native American Stories

There are many more Native American stories. The Native Lore Index Page has a list of 150 stories. Over the next few days your challenge is to read as many of those stories as you can, figure out what each one is saying about nature and add more quotes to the form above.

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