Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Second Journal Entry Today!

Good Morning,
Yesterday you created your English Journal, shared it with Ms. Smith and myself and wrote a bit about yourself. Today you will make your second entry.

Use the tab on your bookmarks bar to go straight to Google Docs. (Do not go through your g-mail.)
Open your English Journal. (Do not start a new document.)
Write today's entry ABOVE the one you wrote yesterday.
Answer the question below. I know it seems a little strange, but it will make more sense after we do today's reading, so just go with it.

Journal question: (You can copy and paste this into your journal if that helps you.) What is food like at your home? What does it smell like? Who cooks it? What are your favorite foods? When do you eat them? Focus on food and especially foods you like. (I know this will probably make you hungry, sorry.)

Reading: "Where I'm From" by Willie Perdomo

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