Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finishing your Where I'm From paper...

Good morning,

Did you get to the blog? Are you reading it? Read all of it!

Today will be your last chance to work on your Where I'm From paper in class. The final version is due on Wednesday.

If you haven't done it already please add a heading to your paper just like any other paper you would turn in. Name, Date and Period in the upper left corner. Without that I might not know it is yours.

Give your paper a title. Put the title in the center and make it a little larger than the rest of your text. (Do not center your whole paper!)

Make sure your paper is multiple paragraphs. Indent new paragraphs. Run a spell check. I don't think I should have to tell you this stuff, but I've been looking at some papers and apparently I have to tell you this stuff.

When your paper is finished you need to publish it. When I see that it is published then I know you are done. Go to the Share tab and select "Publish as a Web Page". Then you will have a link you can send to anyone you want to read your paper. Don't send me the link I can already see your paper in Google Docs.

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