Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ernest Hemingway

Alright folks stay with me now. We are romping through the 20th century.
Today is Hemingway. You read another story by Hemingway a few months ago with a sub. It was "Hills Like White Elephants". Today we will skim and scan for some background about his life and then read another of his stories.

1. Get basic background knowledge on Hemingway. I recommend adding notes to your EJ.
2. We will read "The End of Something" together, again with notes in the EJ.

Note #1: Mrs. R will be at a meeting tomorrow. Yes, you have a sub. No, you will not use computers.
Note #2: There is a quiz Friday on The Harlem Renaissance and the reading from today and tomorrow.
Note #3: Mrs. R will not be here at lunch today. Yes, another meeting.

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