Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To prepare you to read The Great Gatsby there are some things you need to know more about. I've included the list below with some links to some of the resources I'd like you to look at. You should look at the links I've included but then you also need to search out additional information on your own. You need to know about all of these things before our quiz on Friday. I suggest you work as a group. Ask each person to become an expert on one or two areas and then have them teach the rest. But, do not rely on a group member to teach you everything. You should also at least look at all the links yourself.

Women of the 1920's
Women's fashion and (for some) behavior in the 1920's was very different than earlier times. Start with this letter from a 'flapper'

World War One.
Focus your WWI learning about the experiences of American soldiers in Europe. Start with this letter from Paris.

During prohibition the manufacture and sale of alcohol was banned in the United States. Which amendment to the constitution made this the law? What was the effect of prohibition on society?

1919 World Series.
Something stunning happened at a baseball game in 1919. What was it? Who was involved? What happened?

Music of the 20's.
The 20's are also sometimes known as "The Jazz Age". Why? What was happening to music? Who were the musicians involved? Was the music a reflection of other social changes or a motivator for social change?

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the book we are about to read. Who was he? What was his life like? When and where did he write The Great Gatsby? take a look at his biography.

This site has some useful links for most of these topics and general background about the 1920's

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