Friday, March 6, 2009

Gatsby Pre-Test

Good morning,

The blog is the boss of you, but Ms. G is in charge. She's a friend of mine so be nice to her. As I have been shouting from the rooftops all week you have an assessment today. It's really just a longer than normal quiz and it does require you to write several answers in paragraph form.

After you are done with your test please examine your options carefully and use your time well.

  1. Many of you still need work on your Nature Writing assignment.
  2. Some of you need to finish the write-up that goes with your collage.
  3. You could also get on Naviance and do some of the thing Mrs. Eurich has asked you to do there.
  4. Perhaps your English journal is lacking.
  5. Maybe you even have some work to do for another class.
  6. Is there a quiz you haven't taken this semester?
  7. This may even be the perfect time to start your own blog.
  8. If all else fails donate some rice.
Don't forget that because of the pep-rally schedule you will need to shut down at a different time than normal.
Monday we go to see counselors about classes for next year. Make sure you turn in your orange card or bring it on Monday.

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