Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John Muir

Good Morning,
Last week we enjoyed excerpts from Walden. Below are some of the things you wrote in your English Journals about that. Read through what others thought. Most of you had very thoughtful responses to Walden. Excellent job!
  • The way he describes things make them seem to be so pretty, when I read it it was almost like seeing it through his eyes.
  • We have the power to change and decide our destination in life, our fate.
  • He is saying to reduce things in life to make it easier. even if we go to places were we think its good there will be still bad things there.
  • I wish that the woods were close enough to us so that we could just walk there from the beach.
  • He moved into the woods to live life how it supposed to be. If he were still in the city or other places he wouldn't enjoy nature. He wanted to see if it was worth living like that.
  • He is talking about how we are not alone even though we feel like we are alone.
  • He's talking about how we all are living a life that's already been lived, like has anyone recently done something new?
Today we look at another famous nature writer, John Muir. He was America's earliest environmentalist. He founded the Sierra Club and his writings helped to save Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park. Muir spent many years traveling in the mountains of California. Today we will read an excerpt from his most famous book The Mountains of California. This passage is about a storm the Muir witnessed in 1874. Link to excerpt.

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