Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catch up and get organized!

Good morning,
Today is a good day to get our act together. Many of you have several things you need to finish or polish and so I am giving you a prioritized list. Make sure you have done the things below.

1. If you were absent on Friday (5 people) you missed a quiz. Scroll down, find it and take it.
2. Yesterday we were looking for four quotes that showed how Byrd viewed nature. A number of you did not finish getting those into your English Journal. Finish that. (Nine of you were absent for this. read the blog from yesterday and get it done.)
3. Scroll to the bottom of this blog and take a look at the map I added with the locations of several things we've read or learned about. Try zooming in on them.
4. As you can see I still need locations for many of the things we've read. Use the time line in class and find me locations for several more texts. When you think you know send me an e-mail.
5. Tomorrow we will look at Thoreau again so you need to know more about him. Use the links on the Thoreau Links page to explore more. Add an entry to your English journal about something interesting you found out.
6. Now is also a great time to make sure your English journal looks great. Are all of your entries dated? Thoughtful? Anything in there you need to finish up?

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