Monday, January 26, 2009

Reviewing for the Final

Good Morning! Welcome to finals week. Our final for American Lit will be Friday, but I want you to get started on studying if you haven't already.
Many of you have been asking me how you should study and I have repeatedly suggested you go back and review the blog from September until now. How many of you have done that? Good. Today I'm going to give you time to review a little more.
I've moved the blog archive up to the top of the right hand side so you can find it easy. See it right over there >>>>>>
Now open up your English Journal on another side of your cube and then you can switch back and forth.
Go back to September (use the 2008 link) and review the things we read and did.
In your EJ make notes about what we read in September. Then do the same for October, November, December and January.
Don't forget to check the blog Tuesday afternoon for leaked test questions. There will be new ones on Wednesday and Thursday too.

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