Thursday, January 8, 2009

Listening to Internal Thought

Good morning,
Yesterday you made some great strides learning about dialog. Today you have a quick quiz and then we are going to look at adding a character's internal thought to fiction writing.

Click her to take the quiz.

I've searched online and found several sources that discuss adding character's thoughts to fiction, but those sources are actually discussions going on in writers' forms. It seems even professional and aspiring novelists struggle with adding internal thought and they have a debate going on about how to punctuate it. Some say characters thoughts should be in quotation marks just like dialog. Others say to put internal thought in italics. There is even debate about the verb tense appropriate for internal thought. I have a story for you today, but it isn't on line, so we will look at it in class and come to our own agreement about what to do with internal thought.

This message will not self destruct, but you must now shut down your computer and prepare to experience an off-line activity. If you have a highlighter get it out.

Don't forget you have a draft due on Monday.

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