Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The To Do List:

  • Make sure everyone understands their tasks.
  • Make sure your group selects the five best articles.
  • Make sure everyone joins the blog and posts.
  • Watch the time. Group members should start their blog posts 15 minutes before the end of the period.

  • Make sure list of e-mail addresses is up to date (have you added any new group members?) and formatted correctly.
  • Format list of articles for easy use.
  • Encourage group members to prioritize articles. We need the best five.

  • Make sure all group members are invited to join your blog.
  • Invite jrobertsplhs@gmail.com to join your blog.
  • Give administrative privileges to your captain and Mrs. R.
  • Make sure blog URL is pasted at the top of your list of articles.
  • Help group members respond to invitations to join blog.
  • If you have time create a linked list on the blog with links to your top five articles.

Group members-
  • Respond to invitation to join your group blog. (check your e-mail)
  • Chose a display name that is close to your real name.
  • Review articles you found on Friday.
  • Find more articles, summarize them. (If necessary)
  • Decide which five are the best for helping to understand your topic.
  • Write a post to your blog about what you did today and what you learned.

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